Welcome to tommysTV

We are a video production house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We are often asked what we do, which I find exciting, because “video” isn’t as easy to explain as it used to be. Corporate and Commercial Video was once a very focused deliverable - a one off for a conference or a 30 second commercial. Now the uses for one thread of creative can be endless:

  • A TV spot
  • Youtube Pre-roll
  • A “About Us” video on your homepage
  • An outtakes reel in your teams bio section
  • A culture video shot “behind the scenes” on the day of the shoot.

And none of this is merely lagniappe for upper management to get a kick out of. It’s real, it’s free to distribute, and it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

I didn’t get in this business with the goal of running a commercial video shop, I wanted to make movies. But along my journey I fell in love with digital. I fell in love with meeting and collaborating with creatives all over the world. I fell in love with the worldwide conversation and the data it presented. Basically, we are really excited about being creative for a living.

If you think we can make great things together please reach out. We’d love to discuss!