"The Walk Off"

"The Den" was what we called our TV room growing up. "The Den" was a wonderfully cozy spot, and as a Louisiana sports fan, it was also a place of countless hours spent watching losers play games you aspired to play one day. The 80s and 90s really sucked in that regard. Louisiana never won ... anything.

And, as a kid, you like winners, you gravitate towards champions, MVPs…you know, people that don’t suck. So in ’89 when you tell your father that the Saints division rival 49ers are in fact your favorite team. Well, that’s when lessons get learned. That’s where you are told this is our team, these are our boys, and we support them ... regardless.

Well, unless it’s 1994 ... and Jaime Howard is your quarterback ... my father taught me how to be compassionate, but let’s just say this wasn’t one of those moments. I did learn a lot of odd four letter word + farm animal combinations. It was also the only time I’ve ever seen my Dad ask for personal space. It was a weird day.


So when most of your sports spectating is as miserable as mine was growing up, well the big ones feel even bigger. I mean to feel a win, to really feel victory, you must first experience defeat, if not you run the risk of not truly understanding what has been accomplished. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So Morris’ dinger. That was a big one, period. But, that was the original big one for Louisiana. Long before our Tigers won two National Championships and our Saints brought home a Super Bowl, Warren Morris and the LSU Tigers took out the Miami Hurricanes.

The same sports behemoth that had been plucking all of New Orleans’ best athletes right out of our back yard for decades. That’s the first day, that I can recall, that actually felt good to be a Tiger.

Twenty years after that magical moment I had the privilege of being part of the team producing the ESPN Documentary "The Walk Off." Please tune in on June 30th to SEC Network at 8p CST. I’m confident you will learn things about this story you never knew ... I know I did.