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About This Project

In late 2014 the tommysTV team sat down with Covalent Logic, BBR, and LHC(Louisiana Healthcare Connection) to brainstorm ideas for a 30 second advertisement to accompany the new ad campaign for LHC. The team from tommysTV then took the ideas discussed at that meeting to create storyboard and pitch that led to the piece above.

A 30 second commercial is not a lot of time to tell a story, especially a story that spans decades. The key to fitting the scenes together for this piece was the use of matched action and graphic matching between cuts. The average length of each shot is less than 2 seconds and several of these shots are less than 1 second.

The directors had to be contentious in making sure that the needed action occurred within the time allotted, and that the framing and action inside the frame complemented that of the shot previous and immediately following.

An interesting side note: We filmed this spot in true anamorphic squeeze for a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. W hy? For two reason: 1.) The client needed space at the top or bottom of the screen to display information over the duration of the spot. 2.) To give the spot a classic “filmic” look.




Louisiana Healthcare Connection


  • AGENCY | Covalent Logic
  • PRODUCER | Tommy Talley, Jordan Lewis
  • DIRECTOR | Dan Jones, Cathi Pavy
  • AD | Clay Achee
  • DP | Dan Jones
  • CAMERA | Dan Jones, Katie Hope
  • EDITOR | Josh Carley
  • SET DESIGNER | Billy Bamman
  • WARDROBE | Sandra Algood
  • MAKEUP | Grace Emden
  • CASTING | Hank Laglois


  • Infant Son | Abigail Gordony
  • Mom | Ariadne Joseph
  • Young Son | Cameron Zieger
  • Friend | Tyler Brown
  • Teen Son | Jarios Courtney

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